Sarah’s story – you turned my life around!

Sarah’s Story – thank you for turning my life around!

What a joy it is to receive an email like this one from Sarah! We worked together for 6 weeks as she learned the My Birth Recovery toolkit of strategies to help her come to terms with her past experiences. Practising the tools at home meant her husband was transformed too. She mentions a strategy with post-it notes, see my next blog post for details. Aileen xx

“I just want to thank you for turning my life around. I feel like a different person and regularly use the methods you taught me on the My Birth Recovery course.  This includes appreciating life. I feel content and that’s one thing I really wanted to feel again, thanks to you I am there. 


I also would like to thank you for helping my husband. Completing the birth story together with the post it notes in different colours really has stopped the immediate trauma response for both of us. He even said the other day that’s he spoke about her birth story with his friend as it was in conversation and he didn’t well up with the overwhelming emotion and was able to talk about it. 


I would also like to thank you for my birth bundle, I keep it in my room while I am doing my crafts and look it every now and then, it’s like a little secret. No one else knows what it means, but to me it means so much,


I know that I will need our sessions again if anything was to change in my life but it’s a real comfort knowing how successful it has been. 


Thank you so much, I feel I have my sparkle back and that’s all thanks to you.



Sarah xx”

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