Pregnancy Twinning art in frame and confirmation letter

Pregnancy Twinning – A Mothers Day gift from us to you

How was your Mothers Day?  I hope you were treated and spoilt rotten!  Of course not every parent is treated and not everyone who is a mum loves Mothers Day.  Mothers Day can be hard.  This year, as well as supporting you in the UK and online, we are supporting a mum in Malawi/Nigeria by Pregnancy Twinning.


The card and letter pictured are from us to each one of you as a token of our support to mums in the UK and further afield.  Mums and parents matter, you really do!

Pregnancy Twinning 1000

Pregnancy Twinning 1000 focuses on the most formative phase of a baby’s life; the first 1000 days – from conception until their second Birthday. By donating to Pregnancy Twinning, we are supporting a mum/Dad in Africa and the UK, through pregnancy until their child is two.

Here is the process Pregnancy Twinning use to make a difference in Africa and the UK:

We can help a mum in Africa

Twin your own pregnancy – and support another mum in Africa

You can give a PregnancyTwinning Gift for an occasion (e.g. Christmas, Birthday, Christening, Baby Shower).

Their support in Africa

We have a team of trained Mother Buddy Counsellors, who make home-based visits on vulnerable pregnant women in Africa. We also advocate to improve treatment access through organisations such as Unitaid

Pregnancy Twinning confirmation letter
Pregnancy Twinning African art work

Pregnancy Twinning support in the UK

Pregnancy Twinning also help mums and dads in the UK  – by providing professional psychotherapy services  to help alleviate stress, anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after birth.

Support for yourself or a friend

As well as our service at My Birth Support CIC, Pregnancy Twinning can also support you! Use the links here to help yourself if you’re struggling.  If you know another mum who’s struggling, do let her know about our My Birth Support services and you can point her to the Pregnancy Twinning services too.

If you found Mothers Day hard this year:

Be gentle with yourself.  Learning to be a mum is hard enough without going through extra difficulties or beating yourself up about things.  Do contact us and get some support – through one of our Mums Matter breakfasts, Maternal Journal sessions, My Birth Recovery Courses or 1:1 support.  You can also check our our latest Podcast After My Birth. We’re here for you!

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