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Now we are ten – a decade of My Birth Support

Back in 2013, our My Birth Support founder Aileen White had the idea to offer support to others who were experiencing anxiety of fear around birth, like she herself had.

This year’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is a good time to reflect on the importance of supporting women and families impacted by mental health problems before, during and after pregnancy.

Many people feel that what they’re experiencing is unique to them, but the worldwide rate of tokophobia – fear of childbirth – has been estimated to be as high as 14%, so it is far from uncommon. There really is no need to suffer in silence, and there’s help available for you and your mental health and wellbeing in coping with the challenges of motherhood.

Feedback from a parent at Maternal Journal by My Birth Support CIC: “I began unsure if this was even for me, but it was wonderful to take the time to slow down in such a soulful, held space. Thank you :-)”
“I was privileged to meet some amazing women who have given me pearls of wisdom I would not have found on my own. I found victories I had forgotten, and an inner strength I never knew I had. Thank You!” Feedback from the My Birth Preparation Course by My Birth Support CIC

Aileen’s own journey to overcoming the condition took a number of years, with support from family, friends and teaching from Birthing from Within – not to mention giving birth to her son and daughter!

Ten years on and having been based in a number of locations in the UK over the years, My Birth Support CIC now serves families across the East Kent area. With a philosophy of ‘listening rather than fixing’, we help people to learn self-care for themselves. Our activities include birth art, journalling, creative writing, visualisation, breathwork, music and games.

We run sessions covering a wide range of needs, including preparing for birth, recovering from birth, coping with parenting and living with loss.

Over 550 parents and carers have so benefited from our programmes, and we are grateful to our grant providers such as Arnold Clark, Asda, Benefact Trust, Kent Community Foundation Morrisons and The National Lottery Community Fund, who continue to ensure our services are affordable for all.

Thank you to Scott Shearer who wrote this article to celebrate our 10th Birthday.

The pictures above are from parents who have attended our recent support sessions.

We also actively seek to work with other providers, offering our support services through toddler groups in Spring Lane, Thanington, Wincheap and the city centre, and inviting birth workers to showcase their services in our fortnightly Mums Matter breakfasts.

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