Breathe Retreat January

It’s so rare for parents to get any time and space to think.  Mums often tell me, even in the toilet or bath they are disturbed by family members.  That’s one of the reasons why I love to offer Breathe retreats. 

Breathe is community I host online who support each other on their emotional and spiritual journey through life.  As a community we meet a number of times each year for a mini retreat.  It’s amazing what a difference 2-3 hours can make to our sanity and hope levels! 

In January 2021 we meet over Zoom due to Covid restrictions, but this didn’t stop our creative reflective time together.  As one regular guest said “Well done, this went really smoothly and had the same supportive welcoming feel your face to face retreats have!”

I shared a powerful ancient story as the focus for our reflection, enabling my guests to reflect on their own life or review 2020 and look ahead into 2021

Here’s the feedback from our January 2021 retreat:

It’s been lovely spending time to reflect, I feel very relaxed after the session and it has been really enlightening.

It was a lovely session which allowed time to reflect

Before we started my head was spinning, living in firefighting mode, but now I feel like I’ve remembered more of who I am

I was looking forward to some reflective & contemplative time & I wasn’t disappointed. Thought provoking, structured & inspiring!

The session allowed me to consider areas that I had struggled with & gave me an opportunity to identify how I could address & become positive about things.

It’s been such a valuable time to stop and reflect with a really helpful story and activities to guide me.

Lovely to make a relaxing, nurturing place for myself to take part and I’m going to continue in this reflection after 😊

It was a lovely session which allowed time to reflect on my journey so far. It has been a small step to help begin processing a lifetime of constant pressure and overwhelming trauma.

Enjoyed this session and great use of story telling to focus on and reflect on. Found the time very useful.

Thank you for today – The session has been a perfect reminder of the need to reflect where I am with my story, understand that my ending is not set in stone and accept that I can change, grow to create a new part of my story. A really important process that I need to go through.

I would love you to join us at our next Breathe retreat.  You can be the first to get invites by joining the Breathe community  here or follow us on Eventbrite here

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