Picture created by a mum on the My Birth Recovery course

“I felt so supported and understood and even though the subject matter was sometimes hard, there were lots of times to laugh and have fun.” Karen, Germany who received My Birth Recovery support.

There are so many who struggle with difficult pregnancies, traumatic births, or challenging postnatal experiences.  If you have experienced this, do you feel like you have to put on a brave face, and just carry on? After-all isn’t this supposed to be the most precious and wonderful time isn’t it?!  If you’re struggling, you’re not alone and help is available.

The “My Birth Recovery” group course is a six-week course, meeting on a weekly basis, to help you come to terms with your experience. It will teach you a whole toolkit of practical strategies to help you work through what has happened, in your own time. 

The My Birth Recovery course is accessible and understandable for all because it is so interactive using journalling, art, visualisation and relaxation techniques.  It is also affordable for all, being offered on a pay-what-you-can basis with further concessions for families on universal credit.

The My Birth Recovery course will:

  • provide you with a safe place to be heard, to belong and to explore what happened in your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.
  • provide you with a variety of strategies to work through what happened. These will also be transferable to difficult situations you experience in the future.
  • help you let go of unhelpful feelings/experiences, building your confidence and resilience.

Julia, who recently attended a group said:

“I attended Aileen’s Birth Trauma Recovery Group and have also attended her online Maternal Journal sessions. With a history of complicated birth trauma from multiple traumatic experiences over a period of 23 years I was sceptical as to how much help would actually be possible. I’ve been so relieved however to find that even from the very first session things started to change for me in a positive way.

“Aileen provided us with such an array of ideas, concepts and thinking prompts that I was able to experiment within the safety of the group to find which of these helped me personally. It is clear that Aileen puts a great deal of thought into how the group is run, right down to how the room is set up. This along with Aileen’s nature and approach created a safe and loving space where we all felt 100% comfortable and welcome.

“Something unexpected that’s come from this group is how I’ve taken things from what we’ve learnt to help start to repair the parts of our marriage that the trauma had started to interfere with. The main thing I’d say I’ve gained from this group is hope. I feel a lot clearer and more confident in what I want and how to work towards this. Thank you Aileen, you’re an inspiration”

This supportive group course can help you if you had a difficult pregnancy, labour, birth or postnatal period; if you felt unprepared for the pain and intensity or your birthing experience; if you were separated from your baby, or had worries about your babies health; if you are struggling with anxieties from previous birthing experiences.

It is a big step to acknowledge your pain, our struggles, our anxieties.  However, Aileen encouragingly says:

“It is possible to recover from anxiety, depression and birth trauma. I have seen the transformation in others through the My Birth Recovery course. Are you ready to do the work and be free?”

Our next My Birth Recovery course will start in the Spring, if you are interested, please do contact Aileen aileen@mybirth.org.uk so that convenient dates and times can be arranged.

You can read further reviews of our support here on Google.

Thank you to our guest writer Helen Netherton who reviewed our course for this month’s Blog post.

The picture above is from one of the Mums who attended our recent My Birth Recovery course and captured the transformation she is experiencing thanks to the recovery work she is doing.

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