Jo’s hypnobirthing story

“It was a real pleasure to support Jo and Josh as they prepared for the birth of their first baby by learning some hypnobirthing techniques with me.  With the wonders of internet video and a time zone calculator it was not problem that they are in Australia and I am in the UK!”  Aileen 

Jo says: “As I entered my third trimester, anxiety was kicking in and I started to think about the birth itself. I knew it was time to take action. My sleep had changed, I was having anxious and vivid dreams and my mind was swirling with many thoughts and unanswered questions. “So I got in contact with my good friend and asked if hypnobirthing could help me.

“After we talked it over, Aileen designed a bespoke Preparing for My Birth course based on my personal needs.  My partner and I were able to learn together and ask lots of questions.

“After the course, I now feel happy and content with however my birth journey will go. I now know every woman’s path is different and I feel empowered and equipped with a great tool kit, so I am ready.

“I look forward to updating everyone with my birth story.”

Jo shares her My Birth journey in great detail on her blog She Teaches She Travels, which you can read here: My Hypnobirthing Journey.

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