Karen and Alistair’s birth trauma recovery story

Karen and Alistair’s birth trauma recovery story

“It was very humbling to witness Karen and Alistair’s journey as they recovered from their first birth experience and prepared for baby no.2.  Being able to design something that helped them heal from past trauma and prepare for a future birth was a real privilege.”   Aileen

Karen says: “At the start of our My Birth Trauma Recovery course with Aileen I felt nervous, anxious, scared, fearful, frantic and desperate! However, as it unfolded I felt so supported and understood.  Even though the subject matter was hard sometimes, there were lots of times to laugh and have fun.

 “Now I feel more steady and sure of my ability to cope with things that come in the future. I am able to think positively about the last birth knowing it is unlikely to be repeated and that I have some control over that. 

“I now feel well prepared for my next birth.  I really enjoyed exploring these things with you. I wish we had more time to dig deeper. With Al my hubby there too, it was amazing to see his thoughts on things.”

Alistair says: “When our My Birth course started, I felt uncertain, nervous and tense.  But as I got to know Aileen, I felt very supported and understood during the course. It was great to have someone to listen to our concerns and thoughts, providing helpful advice and reassurance when needed.

“I found the stilling / meditation exercises particularly helpful, as I was able to use these to help cope with negative or nervous thoughts and feelings.

“Now our second son is born, I am able to view this birth much more positively.  I feel pleased, relieved and proud. I’m looking forward to see how he develops and grows.”

Karen and Alistair: “Thank you Aileen, it was an amazing experience to work with you!”

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