Maternal Journal story– how journaling can make a difference

Each month I offer a free reflective journaling session.  It’s a safe space for mums (including those who identify as a mum) who are experiencing the emotional and physical changes and challenges of parenthood in all its various stages. 

Why journalling? Journalling is a great tool to help you name and work through the emotions and situations you experience.  You might journal with words, collages or pictures.  It’s not so much the finished product that matters, but rather the process and how it can help you express yourself.

In our Maternal Journal sessions, you will enjoy:

– A warm welcome in a supportive circle of mums (including those who identify as a mum).
– A guided relaxation with led reflection, visualisation or mindfulness activity.
– Self-led time to respond and create.
– Time to be heard if you like to share out loud.
– Poetry for encouragement to end.

What difference does Maternal Journal  make?

Here’s the feedback from a recent session:

  • Before Maternal Journal I felt frazzled, overwhelmed and tired, but now I feel relaxed, welcomed and comforted.
  • I felt harassed, now I feel reflective.
  • Before the session I was rushing, now I feel slower.
  • I felt rushed before, now I feel relaxed.
  • I was trudging. Now I am flowing.
  • I felt preoccupied when I arrived. Now I feel focused, reflective, and grateful.
  • I was tense and heavy… now I am lighter.
  • I felt jumbled before I came. Now I feel lighter and relaxed.
  • Before I felt heavy, now I feel lighter and unburdened.
  • I felt stressed before I joined you. Now I feel reflective.
  • Thanks so much for a lovely relaxing time. Feeling so lovely and relaxed now, such a comforting space together this evening.

It’s remarkable what a huge difference it can make.  Just 90 minutes for you.

Why not check your diary and book a session for this/next month on Eventbrite?

Maternal Journal is offered internationally.  You can find out more about the #Maternaljournal community.